Below is a list of small Business Marketing Resources, which includes strategies, services, products for those involved in media, marketing, communications, ecommerce, website development, web hosting, copy writing, sales, lead generation, photography, video production (editing), project management, and so on.















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  • Google Keep – Full Screen Edit –
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In this segment of Business Marketing Resources, we’re addressing a mission critical strategy to secure your brand, web domain registrar strategy. It is highly recommended that you keep your domain name registrar of your domain separate from your website hosting provider. If your web domain is also registered through your web host, and your website is hacked or experiencing some as simple as an accounting error, your account can become locked an inaccessible. During this time, you may not be able to access or make changes to your account, meaning that you may not be able to change the domain to another host. Sometimes issues such as this can take up to or beyond 72 hours to be resolved. During this time, your site will be down. And if the issue is serious enough, it can take weeks or more to regain access to your domain. Therefore, always keep the domain registrar company separate from the web hosting company you use. If you’re making $50,000 in sales on your ecommerce website per day, 10 days is $500,000 in lost revenue.

  • NameCheap: This is reliable, inexpensive, and an excellent website domain name registrar. The interface is clean and not cluttered with frustrating upsell advertisements. Any changes made to your Domain Name Servers (DNS) are very instantaneous. Customer support is very responsive.


  • AfterNIC: Afternic is the world’s premiere domain marketplace, listing more than five million premium domain names available for sale and receiving more than 75 million domain searches each month—more than any other domain marketplace.









Membership Community Platforms include: online course platforms, paid membership website builders, website builders, membership community platforms, online course websites, business groups, membership websites, business associations, sales pages, sales funnels, landing pages, and brand portals. This segment of the Business Marketing Resources page is a great place to begin building an online community or online courses.

  • Mighty Networks: PRICING: Free / $23 / $81 monthly – Mighty Networks brings community members together through a community portal, which includes online courses, paid memberships, and more. Mighty Networks Pro offers native mobile apps, mobile notifications, and app store marketing all under your brand.
  • Circle: PRICING: $39 / $79 / $199 – Circle is the modern community platform for creators and community leaders. Bring together your community member discussions, memberships, and content. With Circle, you can integrate a thriving community wherever your audience is, all under your own brand.
  • Tribe: PRICING: Free / $85 / $249 monthly – Tribe is a community platform that can be integrated into your product. Tribe increases user engagement, drives customer retention, and boosts customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Teachable: PRICING: $29 / $99 / $249 monthly – Teachable allows you to create online courses and coaching services. With Teachable, you can transform your experience and know-how into a thriving knowledge business.
  • Kajabi: PRICING: $119 / $159 / $319 monthly – Kajabi allows you to build, market, and sell online courses, membership sites, or coaching programs.
  • Hivebrite: PRICING: approximately $500 monthly – Hivebrite is a powerful online community platform that provides top organizations with the tools they need to build, manage, and engage their community.
  • HoneyCommb: PRICING: $89 / $300 monthly – Give your audience, organization or community of any size their own online, modern, social space. Launch iOS, Android and web apps with minimal cost, effort & time.
  • OneSite: PRICING: $500 monthly – Community membership website platform and social website platform.
  • Ning: PRICING: $25 / $49 / $99 monthly – Ning is an online social media network platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks. Ning was founded and launched in 2005. By 2011, there were over 90,000 social websites running on the Ning social media platform.
  • SkillShare: PRICING: $8.25 / $19 – Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.
  • Thinkific: PRICING: $49 / $99 / $499 monthly – Thinkific is a powerful, online course creation platform that enables anyone customize the look and functionality of their online course business. The Thinkific all-in-one platform enables you to share knowledge, grow audience, and scale business, whether you’re educating students or industry professionals.
  • Open Social: PRICING: $545.00 per feature – Create digital spaces that empower your members to share with Open Social’s Community Engagement Platform
  • Higher Logic: All of our solutions include discussions, libraries, ads, polls, event calendar, directory, admin- and user-created blogs.
  • Khoros: Seamless customer experiences, more connection, and no bouncing around Customer engagement software for today’s digital-first CX world. We help brands harness the power of human connection across every digital interaction to stay all-ways connected.
  • MemberSpace:
  • MemberPress:


  • Reimagine your online business with video Every successful online course, membership, or coaching program begins with video. Searchie is the fastest way to manage, package and share your video content so that your team and customers get better results.
    PRICING: $29 / $83 / $166 monthly when billed annually.
  • Wistia: Grow your business with videos and podcasts From a brandable player to actionable insights, our intuitive platform gives you the tools to make your content perform better.
    PRICING: Free / $99
  • Muse: Empower your vision Next-gen video platform with AI-powered video search. Embed, share, and search your video, audio, and collections, all from one place.
    PRICING: $5 / $20 monthly paid annually.
  • Vimeo: The power of video at your fingertips. Simple tools for you and your team to create, manage and share high-quality videos.
    PRICING: $7 / $20 / $50 / $75 monthly when billed annually.
  • Swarmify: Unlimited Video CDN Slow video is costing you customers. Make more sales, reduce bounce rates, and keep visitors focused on your brand. The world’s fastest video hosting ensures instant start and buffer-proof playback. Unlimited bandwidth, encoding, and storage.
    PRICING: $29 / $59 monthly when billed annually.
  • Vidyard: Video Hosting for Business Our video platform is the fastest way to put your business videos online. Upload your videos for marketing, sales, customer support, and more.
    PRICING: Free / $15 / $300 / $1250 monthly when billed annually.


  • PRICING: Free / $29 / $199 – Free version includes creation of 1,000 links per month with unlimited clicks (click-throughs); it includes link tags, bulk link tagging, and link filtering.
    DESCRIPTION: A URL shortener built with powerful tools to help you grow and protect your brand. The link shortener that has your brand’s back Your brand wasn’t built to be hidden. Help it stand out with branded links that drive 34% more clicks. Inspire trust With more clicks comes increased brand recognition and consumer trust in your communications—which in turn inspires even more engagement with your links. (It’s a wonderful cycle.) campaign analytics Boost results On top of better deliverability and click-through, rich link-level data gives you crucial insight into your link engagement so your team can make smarter decisions around its content and communications. auto branding Gain control Take credit for your content and learn more about how it’s consumed by enabling auto-branding—a feature that ensures your brand remains in any link someone shortens pointing to your website.
  • Rebrandly: PRICING: Free / $29 / $69 / $499 monthly when paid annually – Free features include unlimited links, 5,000 tracked clicks per month, 500 total branded links, 5 custom domain names. Per-click details Location, device, and referral information for each and every visitor.
    DESCRIPTION: Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name
  • HyperLink: PRICING: Free / $39 monthly when paid annually – Free version features 100 links monthly and unlimited clicks tracked.
    DESCRIPTION: Get push notifications when your links are clicked. Frequency settings Get notified in realtime — or pick between daily, weekly & hourly click summaries. Custom domain names Branded Hyperlinks have 34% higher click-through rates than unbranded links. Share anything, anywhere Hyperlinks can link to and be shared on any platform. Twitter, Facebook, iMessage & more. Live dashboards Get a live look at the visitors clicking on your links. No more waiting for yesterday’s data. Slack, Zapier & Push notifications Configure your notifications to be delivered to exactly where you want them.
  • BL.INK:
  • Cuttly: PRICING: Free / $25 / $99 / $149 monthly when paid annually. Free features up to 3 branded domains. It also includes the following unlimited features: branded links, branded link redirects, link analytics history for the last 30 days, up to 10 bulk short links, individual link analytics.
    DESCRIPTION: Here you have full control over your links. Link analytics, branded urls, URL shortener Don’t let the links limit you. Make your links support your brand. The new standard of shortening links. A new standard for link analytics. Discover unique redirects analytics – work with your team together building your brand engagement. Manage your links like a pro. URL Shortener Free custom URL Shortener with many features that gives you better quality for links shortening. Shortened URLs will never expire. We do not display ads during direct redirecting to the original url. Sign up Link Analytics Platform Track each shortened link in real-time and measure its performance to understand it. Detailed analytics provides you info about clicks, social media clicks, page referrer, devices, browsers, systems, geo location. Sign up Link Management Platform Optimize and customize each short URL to take advantage of its potential. Set your custom alias (name), use it in affiliate programs, get QR code for printing flyers and much more. Advanced link editing change Source URL / unique clicks Analyze unique redirects to find out even more about real clicks. You can define the uniqueness time yourself. Changing the source link is a great convenience. Now, when the source link changes – you can easily edit it without the need to generate a new short link. – the new standard in link management Managing links is even easier using the features available in the dashboard after logging in, as well as using the API. makes link management easier than ever, and advanced analytics allow you to understand what is happening with your links – so you know what you can improve and get the highest click-through rate. Cuttly offers: link shortening, Llnk analytics, branded links and own domains, advanced dashboard, building own teams, API, unique link click-through rate measurement.
  • Clkim:
    PRICING: $10 / $70 / $100 monthly when paid annually.
    DESCRIPTION: Increase your links Click Through Rates by 35% or more! Give your audience a reason to click on your links. Studies show that when your links include a meaningful message – your audience is more likely to engage with your content. Automatically redirect users based on smart contextual triggers. Mobile Operating System Send users to the relevant landing page based on their mobile operating system. Geography Redirect users to localized destinations based on their geo location. Destination A/B Testing Split traffic between 2 destination & learn which destination converts better. RETARGETING ON CLICK With Clkim, you can easily build custom lists of those that have clicked on your short links. Say goodbye to placing pixels on landing pages, websites, etc. Perfect when driving traffic to sites where you cannot place pixels. Full Page Interstitial Ads Monetize your traffic with full page ads – the Internet’s most sought after creative. Display landing pages, lead collection forms, videos or social subscription pages to further engage your audience. Fully Brandable Choose how your full page ads will look like and how they will behave. Make sure they are elegant, impactful and user friendly. Use your own branding to increase the conversion rates. Supply Side Platform (SSP) Easily manage multiple campaigns or ad feeds. Control what type of users will see any campaign. Override the monetization at any link level to increase performance on specific URLs.
  • ClickMeter: PRICING: $29 / $99 / $349 monthly when paid annually.
    DESCRIPTION: Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate. Over 15 years of web marketing experience, an incredible team of dedicated engineers, continuous research & development, and utilization of the best available tools and services allow ClickMeter to surpass competitors in terms of product quality. REDIRECT Target by country Target by language Target by device type Target by user type Random redirect Sequential redirect Weighted redirect First click redirect Max clicks redirect Countdown links Password protected redirect Time-scheduled redirect Http/https redirect Dynamic redirect IP rotation Search engine friendly Pass parameters to destination Link cloaking, including: URL encryption Customizable page title Referral wiping: Do not pass referrer Anonymize referrer Branded tracking links: Use first-level domains Use subdomains Use url extensions Maximum redirect reliability Turn links on/off Tag your links Clone links Editable destination URLs Bulk link creation/import TRACK View and click tracking: Timestamp IP Country Region City Organization Language Browser type Platform type Mobile detection Visitor type Unique/Non-unique Source analysis Custom parameters Keywords …and more Conversions tracking Conversion funnel Configurable cookies Track multiple conversions Track product ID Track custom parameters Track conversion value Track commission amount Conversions piggyback http/https Split (A/B) test UE Privacy IPs exclusion Block spammers Google Analytics UTM ANALYZE Dashboard KPIs Trend reports Campaign, links, and pixel list Conversion comparison table Click-stream Clicks on World-map Comparison reports Detailed data point reports: Daily, weekly, monthly List of clicks World map Top browsers Top cities Top nations Top organizations/ISP Top parameters Top sources Top keywords Top IPs Clicks composition bar Conversion rate Global search Export in Excel (CSV) Report shortcuts Email and audio notifications Filter by tag Customizable timeframe Advanced reports settings Six different languages Use your logo Use your timezone Use your currency Time and number format COLLABORATE Fast sharing Private/public share Sharing notification via email Sub-accounts management Shared report autologin link INTEGRATE AdWords Affiliate networks Analytics UTM Backpage Chrome Firefox Megaphone Rebrandly Retargeting/remarketing Safari Shopify WordPress
  • TinyURL: PRICING: Free / $9.99 / $99 monthly when billed annually – Free account features unlimited shortened URLs (links), unlimited clicks, custom alias. Only the Pro account enables link tracking analytics.
    DESCRIPTION: Easy Link Shortening Full Link History Customized TinyURLs. What is a link shortener? A link shortener is a tool that transforms your long links into shorter ones. Our TinyURL tool can drastically shorten your long links and still reliably direct to the same web pages. To use our link shortener, the user only has to copy and paste their long link into our tool and we condense it into a more shareable link. See how our links work for you. See who clicks on your shortened URLs, from where, and on what devices. With a premium account, measure how your short URLs build your brand name and awareness. Pair your links with QR codes or customized reports. We track your clicks with the primary purpose of empowering you with the knowledge you need to make your shortened URLs work harder and faster for your brand.
  • / Hootsuite: Shorten links, measure traffic, and demonstrate social ROI right inside the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Tiny.CC:


For this segment of Business Marketing Resources, the following list of email marketing platforms is in a general prioritized order. If you’re looking for the top email marketing platforms, the following top 5 email marketing providers is a good start, especially for its affordability and functionality. In some cases, they include sales funnels, landing pages, SMS marketing, page builders, email automation, A/B split testing, surveys, and a multitude of integrations. Do you have suggestions or questions concerning these email marketing services or would like to add an additional item to the Business Marketing Resources, send us an email.

If you have questions or comments about the contents of the Business Marketing Resources, send us an email. The Business Marketing Resources is a great resource but by no means comprehensive.

SMS Platforms / Text Messaging Services


  • JotForm: Easy-to-use online form builder for every business. Create online forms and publish them. Get an email for each response. Collect data. Customize forms Design professional looking forms with JotForm Online Form Builder. Customize with advanced styling options to match your branding. Save time and effort Speed up and simplify your daily work by automating complex tasks with JotForm’s industry leading features. Collect online payments Securely and easily sell products. Collect subscription fees and donations.
    PRICING: Free / $24 / $29 / $79 – Free version features 5 forms, 100 monthly submissions, 100 MB of available space, 10 payment submissions, PDF Document Generator, PDF Document Editor.
  • Google Forms:
  • Typeform:
    PRICING: Free / $35 / $70 monthly when purchased annually.
  • FormSite:
    PRICING: $21 / $34 / $59
  • Outgrow:
    PRICING: Free / $14 / $25 / $55 monthly when purchased annually.
  • Fastfield:
    PRICING: $20 monthly