Initial Strategic Effort to Standardize In-Truck Branded Placement for Television Production

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APRIL 9, 2010: This was the beginning of the SuperLite Championship Series effort to standardize mounting locations for Go Pro point of view cameras. The initiative enabled not only provided a consistent cockpit perspective for broadcast television social media video viewers across the entire rented, leased and racer-owned fleet of SuperLite race trucks, but it also maximized available in-car advertising real estate through the standardized branding layout. This effort enabled the strategic placement of mandated SuperLite Series partner logos on every race truck, delivering consistently identifiable brand experience throughout the truck series. This enabled the SuperLite Series, its partners and its racers to make much easier work of sponsorship procurement efforts, as these locations maintained consistent visibility, including lighting, on television programming. Furthermore, as a second iteration of this in-car brand awareness effort, strategic placement of LED lighting began to become a standard in the overall television marketing efforts, as the lighting filled in the shadows on bright sunny days and illuminated the logos during night races.

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